Crane Capacity Upgradation

    Crane Capacity Upgradation can save over 50% of Cost as compared to replacement of existing craneby new. However, Crane upgradation needs high degree of understanding of crane design and analytical ability to carry out accurate, reverse engineering.

    We do Undertake Upgradation of Complete electrical system of crane this may include replacement of slipring ind. Motor by Sq. Cage Ind.

  • Motor with VVVF Drive Control Provision of Compact festoon Cable System/Drag Chain in Place of Open wire Systems for Trolley power Supply, Replacement of angle type DSL/ Open wire DSL by shrouded busbar , changing of electrical Cables and Installation of electronic load weighing systems , overload limiting on crane.
  • In most of case manufacturing drawing of existing Cranes are not available with crane user and in such situation detailed study of existing crane is essential to determine its suitability for capacity /span Upgradation.
  • Study of Crane operation to determine duty cycle, visual Observation, diamentional veryfication, ND Testing of Plates to determine residual thickness of load bearing structures, Measurement of speed of Hoist, CT & LT Motion, Measurement of Motor Current,Measurement of Crane Girder Deflection under load and analysis of structure.